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The Affiliate Code Review

Reviewer: Jim Johnson

Rating: 4.5/5

Product: The Affiliate Code

NOTE: OK, so I know a review is supposed to be completely objective. I'll try to be, but I must admit from the start that I'm so excited about this product that I will probably miss the mark on complete objectivity. However, at we only provide recommendations on the best of the best - that's a guarantee.

I'll get straight to what everyone is asking. So, how did Michael Jones make $64,521 In 4 Weeks with no list?

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Actually he does have a list – lots of lists, for different businesses. But when he tested these latest tactics he did so from scratch, with no list, no JV partners and no budget whatsoever.

Just him and a computer; probably exactly how it is for you right?  That's how it was for me at the beginning too; that's how it is for everyone starting out.  He went from earning nothing at all, to sucking down over two thousand bucks a day, in no time at all.

Usually when you see a marketer making so much money, it's coming from Adwords, or some other paid traffic. So if they say they're earning 2 thousand dollars a day, only a thousand dollars give or take will actually be profit. Obviously there are exceptions, but on average those figures are pretty accurate.

But not in this case. The new techniques he's revealing inside The Affiliate Code are FREE!  You can literally make money that's all profit, as the traffic is free.

There's a ton of traffic like this and it can start almost immediately. It's like turning on a tap. So for the first time ever, you can actually make some serious commissions on your very first day!Can you imagine that?

People are used to waiting weeks or months to see their first cent. But now, you don't have to. Your journey to online wealth is about to get a whole easier...

Some of the cool things you will be taught are:

  • How to get higher rankings within a few hours instead of days
  • Learn how to run your affiliate business on autopilot
  • Use easy to implement ways to build landing pages that convert.
  • Get lots of your site on the first page of Google
  • Build a list of targeted potential buyers
  • How to identify buyers from browsers

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The Affiliate Code comes in 8 modules broken down into 39 training videos which are very clear and concise. You'll learn everything you need to know, including choosing the right niche and keywords, setting up your entire affiliate system, putting it on autopilot, and then how to duplicate your system again and again.

There is more than 8 hours of training included. With FREE marketing tactics, you'll learn how to build your affiliate business from the ground up.

OK, I’m not allowed to reveal every detail of the training course but I will at least can give you an overview of the program:

Module 1: Picking A Profitable Niche

Module 2: Choosing The Right Product

Module 3: Affiliate Website Set up

Module 4: Using an Autoresponder

Module 5: Copywriting Secrets

Module 6: Getting Free Traffic

Module 7: Tracking Your Results

Module 8: Scaling it Up

If you're an affiliate marketing beginner or just wish to use only free traffic sources, then this is the program for you. I would highly recommend that you check it out.There is so much valuable information, laid out in an obvious manner, that moves you at lightning speed towards substantial internet income.

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