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Six Day Weekend Review

Reviewer: Jim Johnson

Rating: 4.5/5

Product: Six Day Weekend

Across the world, thousands of people are making huge incomes online as affiliates. And there are loads more people spanning the globe that want to learn how to do it.
So it's not a surprise that there are lots of people out there willing to teach people how it's done. For a price. If you've been involved in internet marketing for any amount of time, I'm sure you would've seen plenty of such products.

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Some are good, most aren't, but there isn't anyone willing to give away all their hard earned secrets for free. This is why I was quickly skeptical when I heard about Sean Morrissy's training site, Six Day Weekend.

Why would a guy making a six figure income want to just give his stuff away? At first it puzzled me, so I emailed him and he explained that he was sick of rubbish products in the internet marketing world.

While Sean does have a few paid products, he really wanted to take what most people are selling for quite a bit of money and give it away. Which is why the Six Day Weekend was created. For absolutely no charge, you can sign up to the site and get access to around 90 videos that contain about 12 hours of content. and yes, this is all at no charge.

The 90 odd videos cover just about every facet of affiliate marketing possible. There are videos on how to get started if you're a complete newbie. There are videos that explain how to secure plenty of traffic using both fee-based and free methods. There are even videos that explain how to convert traffic into sales a ton more once you get your website up and running.

If you've wanted to sign up for $500 affiliate training products before but didn't have the cash, then this is the site for you. Don't think that just because this is free, it's low quality.

And yes, this is all free. So head over there now and sign up:

Six Day Weekend

This could be sold bundled for several hundreds of dollars. For people who are really serious about becoming super affiliates, Sean has a very special deal on that, I should mention.

When you secure the free membership, you'll be able to view his Masterplan, which sends directly to you clear action steps that will propel you toward super affiliate status within just a few months. It's normally a month, but he's snuck a one time offer in for new members that allows you to try it out for .

So I highly recommend you take this offer up. Not only will you get Sean's Masterplan which will give you step by step guidance lasting several months, but you'll also get one on one attention from Sean himself.

Before this, the only way to get one on one advice, was to join his coaching program that cost several thousand dollars. You can chat with other future super affiliates, ask for a site critique or and even ask Sean general questions about what you're doing and more specifically, how to improve it.

It's very rare to see quality stuff like this simply given away. I'm not sure that this will remain free for long, so if you want to make sure to get instant access to over 12 hours of content that reveals how he makes over 6 figures a years while only working a single day a week, check out the Six Day Weekend right away and make sure to sign up.

Here's the link you'll need:

Six Day Weekend

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