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Making Money with Affiliate Programs

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Make Money with Affiliate Programs

We’ve discussed profitable products, niches, keywords, quality content and monetizing. The only thing missing now is one of the primary keys to making money with affiliate programs - traffic. Traffic, traffic, traffic! Everyone talks about it, many claim to know how to get and increase traffic, and yet so few people actually have the skills to do so. Just like all the promises of online riches, traffic is often another bottomless pit of despair that will likely bring you to the bottom of your wallet if you’re not careful.

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The reality is this: With the advent of “Web 2.0” things got a lot easier. In the past, you would have to request, one at a time, with a different web owner to exchange links. You would purchase traffic from scam artists that would simply spin your site through a system that would show visits, but would actually bring a human to the site. OK great, I’ve got 10,000 visits, and not a single sale (plus I paid $30 for it!) – no thanks. Or you would subscribe to traffic sites where all the subscribers would visit each others sites, building traffic for each other. But, no one actually wanted to buy anything, and wasted a lot of time clicking through. What was accomplished there?! Well, finally, there’s a better way.

So, what exactly is Web 2.0? Well, it is essential to making money with affiliate programs.  Simply put, it is all those sites that most love to visit, create pages on and communicate with their family and friends: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Those are just the most popular. There are others: Squidoo, Wiki, Hubpages, even the concept of blogs and forums. Basically, the first version of the web only allowed for static pages. In other words, people and companies put information up and it sat there (static) as people browsed, read, and left. Web 2.0 allows for functionality that encourages people to actually participate. We can upload content, comment and generally create a little something with our “name on it”.

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Now, remember what I said about how time consuming creating links was not that long ago? Well, now all you have to do is link to your site from a social networking page (Facebook, et al), and you’ve just created a backlink! Search engines love backlinks and you’ve done it with almost no effort and at no cost. You could create a Squidoo lens, or a Hubpages article and link back to your site to get more. Now, here’s where it gets really cool. Search engines (the ones that will provide free traffic to your content pages) love Web 2.0 sites and they crawl (looking for links and content) them all the time. I’ve heard that sometimes it takes less than 15 minutes for Google to discover a new link. It could be yours! Making money with affiliate programs has actually never been easier.

Not only can you easily create backlinks in this way, often a lot of the sites that you’ll use, with your content and links back to your home site or affiliate link(s), will rank in the search engines. What that means is that you might end up ranking for a keyword on your MySpace page, or your Squidoo lens or Hubpage without actually doing anything more than posting content on another site. There are many affiliate marketers now, in fact, that are making money with affiliate programs without even creating a website; and doing nothing more than posting content on Web 2.0 sites.

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