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Affilorama Premium Review

Reviewer: Jim Johnson

Rating: 4.5/5

Product: Affilorama Premium

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Affilorama Premium 2010 - Your Ticket To Affiliate Marketing Success

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There must be some great tools that come with this "next level" affiliate training center, right?  You guessed it.  Here they are:

Premium Tools

Affilorama Premium 2010 provides:

PPC Tools:

• Google Adwords Quality Score Checker (UPDATED - new features)

By checking the relevancy of your ads for the keywords you are planning to bid on, the Google quality score checker is designed to help you reduce the price you pay for PPC ads.  This tool has now been updated so you can quickly compare two different ads.

• PPC Generator (NEW)

By showing you the top PPC ads for your particular keyword, the PPC (Pay Per Click) generator helps give you ideas for creating your own PPC ads that will allow you to create your own successful PPC ad campaign.

Market Research Tools:

• Keyword Suggestion Tool

The keyword suggestion tool is designed to help you with new keyword ideas.  Enter a word or phrase and the tool will generate a list of suggestions for you.  It will generate information telling you how often these keywords are searched in the major search engines.

• Market Strength

This tool will find markets just waiting to be tapped, or save yourself from throwing money away into an already overcrowded market. It will search for your keyword and calculate the following factors: Daily Searches, SEO Competitiveness, Payment Strength, Market Strength.

• Social Snoop Tool (NEW)

The Social Snoop tool is designed to assist you find opportunities to promote your page on Social media networks. The tool enables you to find relevant opportunities based on keywords you specify, choose the best ones that have the greatest authority, and that are the most relevant to your chosen keywords.

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Unlike many other Affiliate Marketing programs Affilorama Premium 2010 will also include Web hosting.

You will get hosting for 15 different domains.  For each domain you will receive:

• 2GB Disk Space

• 75GB Monthly Traffic Bandwidth

• 10 subdomains - e.g.,

• 10 email addresses - plus catch-all function so you can us any address

• 10 MySQL Databases

• 10 FTP Accounts

• Support for PHP4 and PHP5

• Up to 10 automatic replies for your email addresses

• Up to three scheduled tasks

• Easily create redirects for affiliate links

• Over 500 website templates

• Software valued at over $500 including password managers, JavaScript tools for your site and JavaScript compression for faster loading

• Thousands for stock images, clipart, banners, logos and web art for you to use

• One click installation for popular software like Wordpress

• FrontPage extensions Support

• Easy instructions for moving existing sites over to Affilorama Premium Hosting

• Friendly support

So, all in all, you'll get full access to fantastic monthly content that is always in tune with the latest trends.  You get tutorials and webinars to download for repeat viewing, and you get high quality tools and software at your disposal.  And lastly, you'll get free hosting to get all your new sites live quickly.

Affilorama Premium 2010 promises to be something spectacular for the affiliate marketing community.  Mark has helped thousands of people reach financial freedom through his training.  Will you be the next one?  Learn from professionals who can lead you down the right path from the beginning; don't make things harder than they have to be.

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