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Affiliate Niche Marketing

Affiliate niche marketing is essentially marketing products through an affiliate program within a certain (preferably narrow) subject. Choosing a good niche (category/subject) to base your affiliate website or blog around is the first and most important step in creating passive online income. You must first research and chose a niche that has products that people are buying. There are several ways to do this.

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The simplest way to do this is to go to Clickbank, navigate to “Marketplace” and search for products with a “Gravity” of over 30 (this number is essentially how many affiliate marketers have sold this product within the last week). There should be at least 3-5 products with a Gravity over 30 within a very narrow category, such as “online dating”, “dog training”, etc. If you can find this, you’ve found a potentially profitable niche in which to begin marketing. To truly be successful in affiliate niche marketing, you’re not done...

Having chosen a narrow and profitable niche, you will then have to focus on building a keyword list of 3 word keyphrases that have a search volume of over 1600 searches a month in Google. First you will need to brainstorm for some subjects related to your newfound niche. Good sources of topics are forums and blogs on your niche. Visit them to compile a list of topics (in other words, what are the “buzz” terms within the subject).

With your topics typed into a Word document you can then use a free software program like Traffic Travis (Google it!) to come up with keyword phrases. After you’ve secured a large list of keyword phrases (around 4000), you go to Google Keyword Tool, copy and paste all the keywords in and look for keyword phrases with a monthly “search volume” of over 1600. It is absolutely essential in affiliate niche marketing to ensure that people are actually searching, and searching enough, for keywords that will provide traffic to your site!

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You should take each one of these 1600 or more search volume keyword phrases and use it as the basis for an article. You would then write an article that uses the keyword phrase as the title of the page, the H1 Heading, keyword tag, and then sprinkle that keyword phrase throughout the article. After you have a rough copy of the article (designed as just mentioned), you’ll want to “monetize” it. Refer back to the 3-5 products that you’ve chosen from Clickbank (or other affiliate programs) and then work them into your article in a natural and appropriate way.

Proper and effective affiliate niche marketing will always provide value to its readers. Your article should be of high quality, offering good information and/or tips and the products that you are recommending should complement the information contained within the article. In other words, your readers should be pleased with your article and hopefully interested in clicking the link(s) that you have provided. There should typically be no more than 3 links per page, linking to products that are totally relevant to the article.

There are a lot of niche markets out there just waiting for the right person to promote them; and effective affiliate niche marketing requires that you determine which ones will be the most profitable... in advance! Doing niche market research and keyword research first will prevent you from spending time and money designing a site and writing articles only to promote products that no one is interested in buying.

This is probably the number two reason for failure in affiliate niche marketing: Choosing the wrong niche. The number one mistake is arguably: Not choosing a niche at all, and trying to market general products to a vague audience.

Don’t make these critical mistakes.

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