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3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Do To Make Even a Dime

Obviously every affiliate marketer is looking for the biggest paycheck they can get, with the least amount of effort; it is natural to want your online income to be passive and residual. There are a few absolute affiliate marketing tips that must be adhered to, to accomplish this feat however.

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There really is no magic bullet for affiliate marketing, in spite of the countless claims seen online. Affiliate marketing is simple, but not easy. It is complex, but not difficult. It requires hard work and perseverance, but it is very doable.

It has recently become much easier as a few notable and respectable affiliate marketers have begun to share their secrets (charging for it of course). In the beginning, there were no manuals, no mentors. These people figured this out for themselves, and passed on their information within a tight circle of friends. They have much to share, and some of them are worth many times more than their asking price.

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Here are a couple of their pearls of wisdom:

1. Use unique web pages to promote each product. Do not just throw all of your affiliate links onto a single page and try driving traffic to it. Yes, there will naturally be a lot of “potential”, but the likelihood of anyone clicking a single link and actually buying something is slim to none. You must instead find and focus on a narrow niche – dog training or acne remedies, for example. Then you create quality content and try to build a community. Always keep separate topics... separate!

2. Offer free quality reports and information to your readers. Give them this quality report as a gift for subscribing to your newsletter/mini series. Create autoresponder messages that also provide consistent quality content to your followers (to close a sale, the 7th contact is the best). Build as many messages as you can; some affiliate marketers have reported making a sale to an individual years after they subscribed.

3. Ensure your traffic is targeted traffic. Make sure, to the best of your ability, that your visitors are actually interested in your topic, and more specifically interested in buying. This is especially important if you are investing in Pay Per Click. You can go broke pretty quickly by paying for traffic that is not targeted – they simply will never buy. Write quality articles and post them to various article directories. Make them available to topic related forums and blogs. Whip up some talk about your articles, reports and newsletter series within circles that find your niche interesting. Remember, always make sure you’re talking to people that are interested in what you are talking about... and recommending.

These are just a few general affiliate marketing tips. However, they are fundamental and powerful. If you do not adhere to them you are likely to get nowhere.

There are countless other valuable affiliate marketing tips out there. Some of them are also fundamental, while others are quite advanced. To really understand them properly and execute effectively, you must find a program that offers support and step through each of the concepts, methodically, one at a time. It can get pretty exciting and interesting when you dip your toes into the super affiliates world. They make millions every year for a reason – they follow their advice and don’t skip steps.

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