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Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It all starts with finding the right plan, and then creating a strategy with it.

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Once you have reviewed the plan and created the strategy you then, obviously, set about doing it. A typical beginner’s affiliate marketing strategy would look something like this:

  • Think of a niche/subject/category that is popular, people are buying in, will likely have products available to promote, and preferably a topic that interests you.
  • Find profitable affiliate products to promote. You can visit Clickbank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, and several others to see what’s available. Pick 3-5 similar products.
  • Ensure that the products are selling. Clickbank has a “Gravity” score; the higher the score, the more copies are being sold. Other affiliate product programs have similar information available – have a look around their site. A good affiliate marketing strategy will require the utmost attention to this step, to ensure that you are building a campaign that will ultimately sell.
  • If there are not 3-5 products available that are selling, go back to Step 1 and try again. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Determine which keyword phrases people are using to find similar products. You can utilize free software like Traffic Travis and Google’s Keyword Tool to determine search volume on particular keywords. People must be interested in the products you are considering marketing and able to find your content through certain search phrases. Look for keyword phrases with 3 or more words and a search volume of over 1500/month.
  • Write or outsource ( articles. Try to write or have written 25 articles on your chosen niche. Then build a site or submit the articles to article directories, using your keyword phrases as the keyword meta-tag, title of article, Heading (H1 tag), and “sprinkle” the keyword phrase throughout the article. Make sure the articles are of the highest quality possible. Content is essential; high quality content is a primary component in any profitable affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Monetize the article/webpage. Put relevant links into your article to products that you are promoting. An effective affiliate marketing strategy will ensure that your suggestions/links are done so tastefully and are always, always relevant to the article itself.

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The best affiliate marketing strategy will not have any holes in it. It is very easy to miss steps and skip steps, however it’s very similar to the “weakest link” concept. With even the smallest component missing or incomplete, your entire project may get no results whatsoever. So, be very careful to build your strategy and follow it to the most minute detail.

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