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Affiliate marketing is actually relatively old as a means of income on the internet. Some of the oldest and most well known sites used it to get their starts. And many chase the affiliate marketing dream; most with little success. If you are looking to start a website or blog and add some affiliate links you should know that there is a lot more to making money online than that. A real affiliate marketing opportunity will still require quite a bit of work, determination and patience. It is not for everyone, and it does often take time to get it going properly, especially to build up sites that will continue to make you money. However, if you do things properly, in order and completely, you will definitely build passive residual income, now and for the future.

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There are many modes to affiliate marketing: blogs, websites, newsletters, email blasts, forum postings and blog comments, social networking and more. No matter what your mechanism is, good content is essential. People will normally not buy from, actually through, a site or a person that offers substandard content. Poor content can result from ridiculous ideas, poor spelling and grammar, overly sales like appearance and a variety of other things. You need to find your audience and give them the content that they’re looking for. Once you’ve been successful in that, they will trust you and consider buying based on your recommendations.

There are many things you have to do to find a true affiliate marketing opportunity. You first must find a profitable niche. This is one where there are many buyers and several products available for you to market. Some places where you can find affiliate products are:


To find more, just web search “affiliate programs” and “affiliate directories”; however, this should be more than enough to get you started and keep you going for a very long time.

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Here are a few guidelines for a profitable affiliate marketing opportunity:

  • Find a market with lots of people interested and buying
  • Find 3-5 products to fit that market
  • The products should be relatively recent and selling well on the market
  • The products should offer at least 50% commission
  • Create a blog, website or network of social sites (Facebook et al) and promote the products
  • Create quality content and post it to your medium
  • Maintain your pages and create more quality content
  • Find new ways to drive traffic to your pages
  • “Rinse and repeat”. Start at 1 and go again

*It is almost always essential to follow a program to do the above effectively. This is just a rudimentary outline of how most affiliate marketers make money.

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Affiliate marketing opportunities are everywhere. It is obviously then important to determine which ones are going to give you the return on your time and/or money that you’re looking for and which ones won’t (which is most of them). You can make almost as much as you want with affiliate marketing, it’s just a matter of finding a plan and following the steps. Do what others have done to make money online and let the super affiliates figure out new ways.

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